Create Image (create-image)

Parameters Sent from Web Hook

Method: POST

Parameter Name Value (or typical value) Description
command-type create-image The name of the command the web hook is attempting to execute.
push-authorization-token [Your Custom Push Authorization Token] Recommended to be either an SHA-256 or SHA-512 value that is agreeable (or common) between and the receiving website or web service.
image-uuid 7bfaa3a3-ca82-4128-abce-2e397116d164 The image's unique identifier (UUID), as generated by ProBoast.
album-uuid 41090c9b-6f35-4b55-b326-242cbc0b1d82 The album's unique identifier (UUID), as generated by ProBoast, and displayed with your account on
image-url The URL of the image hosted on

Expected Response

Status must be: 200

Response format must be: JSON

  "image-preferred-id": "(optional) Any ID as string or integer",
  "image-url": "https://url-to-image"